How to recharge your mobile phone by scratch card

Please follow the instruction given below

Grameen Phone

1. prepaid: *555*pin number#
2. Postpaid: Subscribers can pay the bill by calling Grameenphone's Call Center Hotline 12112 (for Bangla) and 12122 (for English) or by sending SMS to a special number. For the SMS option, a subscriber has to send an SMS to the number 5666 writing Pay . Only the active subscribers will be able to use the SMS option.


1. prepaid: *123*pin number#


1. prepaid: *787*pin number#
2. postpaid:  Step 1. Go to warid menu
                   Step 2. my stuff
                   Step 3. payments
                   Step 4. pay via scratch card
                   Step 5. enter your mobile number
                   Step 5. insert your pin number and press send button.


1. prepaid: *111*pin number#
2. postpaid:   Step 1: Go to the 'Message' option of your handset.
                    Step 2: Type DEP 13/14 digit secret number of Scratch Card.
                    Step 3: Type mobile number
                    Step 4: Send the SMS to 8729
For Example: DEP 1234567890123 0181XXXXXXXX
Or dial only *140*4# and follow the menu.